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ECOSF Baker's Alley
Bakers Alley

Bakers Alley is a monthly outdoor community gathering that combines pot luck, baking pizza, bread, pies and more in an earth oven, a knitting bee, local music, and free hands-on workshops in sustainable living skills. Every month, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, ECOSF invites the community out for a beautiful day at the School Farm at the Academy of Arts and Sciences and School of the Arts, or other special locations in San Francisco.


Bakers Alley began as a small community gathering and skill sharing potluck in an alley-like driveway in the outer sunset, hence the name. Now we’ve moved on from that space but the unifying force of Bakers Alley of course is the hand built earth oven made of clay, sand, straw brick and urbanite, and the good food, good people and good times that surround it. The free workshops cover a full range of “Urban Homesteading” skills like how to forage and grow your own food and the many ways to preserve your bounty like drying, canning, fermenting, and pickling, using appropriate technology like solar cooking, rocket stoves and solar dehydrators, and natural building and design techniques for simple structures. Come learn and share:

  • How to make cheese, yogurt, jam, salsa, kim chi, sauerkraut, kombucha, honey wine, soap, lotions, potions, herbal remedies and tinctures.
  • Ecological and respectful harvesting and use of local berries, acorns, nuts, tubers and herbs for food, medicine, fiber and fuel.
  • Beekeeping and how to build bat boxes, owl houses, and bird houses…
  • Weaving on a loom, basket making, candle making, knitting and crocheting.
  • How to make an earth oven, cob bench, decorative garden walls, and small structures using cob, wattle and daub, slip straw, and straw bale techniques.
  • Collecting seeds, germinate seeds, propagate cuttings and a range of diverse methods of cultivating soil like double diggin, sheet mulching, and lasagna layering.
  • Building a worm bin and how to care for your worms, and other home composting.
  • Water catchment, gray water, water cycle, wetlands and habitat restoration.
  • Fruit tree pruning and grafting.
  • Raising chickens in your back yard and how to build a coop and run.

Come meet interesting people, learn new skills, let your kids play and have a blast exploring nature, eat home baked food, hot pizza and bread baking throughout the day, listen to great local live music, hang out, lend a hand, and if you want even kiss a chicken!


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