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Have you ever heard the saying, It takes community to build community, or something similar to that but with little sheets of green paper with funny looking old guys and weird one eyed pyramids? Either way it’s true! ECOSF is a volunteer effort from the ground up, from the staff and board who volunteer tons of time to the many local groups, families and individuals that join together to build projects and relationships.


Over the years we have had the pleasure of working, eating and laughing with some great folks like the Jefferson Elementary PTA, Monroe Elementary PTA, San Francisco Urban Permaculture Class, Hands-On Bay Area, California Volunteers, Americorps and lots of other students, parents, eco-enthusiasts, and  energetic people. If you know somebody, or a group of somebodies, that wants to put in some work and get back the reward of improving our environment and community all while meeting cool people and having a great time, please contact us. For more involved volunteer opportunities see our internships page, and remember it takes a village, and we have a whole city!