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Davin Wentworth Thrasher

Davin is a San Francisco native who loves watching bees, playing music, playing with clay, and contributing to the global increase in microfauna poop. His educational background includes, a Permaculture design certificate from the Regenerative Design Institute, a year of field work in Ecological Agriculture at the New College of California, PV System Design and Installation courses at the Solar Living Institute, a Natural Building Intensive at Emerald Earth Sanctuary, and inestimable hours of reading works by Pam Pierce, John Jeavons, Toby Heminway, Michael Smith, and other ecologically influential authors and mentors.  While not knee deep in cob or sowing seeds of change in the soil and in school workshops with ECOSF, Davin continues his education in Civil Engineering and Biology at San Francisco State University while working on the campus grounds managing new projects in appropriate technology, and increasing biodiversity through native habitat landscaping.


Tori Jacobs

Tori is a San Francisco transplant. Her native roots come from the fertile farm land of Minnesota where her relatives have been farmers for three generations. Growing up on the edges of untouched woodland and the cusp of invasive urban sprawl her childhood was strongly influenced by her direct relationship with nature and her desire to keep landscapes untouched. Her passions are earth, animals and people. Tori's educational background includes an MA from New College, in Activism and Social Change, BFA from Hunter College, NYC, Permaculture Design Certificate from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC), School Garden Teacher Training from OAEC, Starting and Sustaining Intentional Communities from OAEC, First Responder Course, Solar Living Institute. Being a part of ECOSF " is incredibly fulfilling" says Tori. She ardently believes that "we can change the world by bringing people together to bake, eat and make change".  Her motto is a garden in every backyard! Tori's other passion is raising chickens. She lives on a ranch in Half Moon Bay where she is hand raising and caring for 80 future laying hens.


Sam Hartman

Sam was born and raised in San Francisco where he currently lives, works, and breathes.  He attended City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University, the best public institutions around, where he earned Degrees in Natural Resource Management and Conservation and Botany, but really majored in arts and culture like African drumming, sculpture, archery and Holistic health.  Sam has worked as a professional gardener, a campus organizer with Democracy Matters, a youth gardening crew member and team leader with Enterprise For High School Students, and attended Garden for the Environment’s Garden and Compost Educator Training Program and the Natural Building Intensive at Emerald Earth Sanctuary.  His diverse interests, as well as a strong ethical consciousness grown out of years of studying Kung Fu and Zen philosophy, led to a deep reverence for life in all its many forms and a practical approach to cooperatively rebuilding the connection between people and the environment.  He loves working with  different people of all ages on all types of projects like edible gardens, habitat restoration, natural building and sustainable living skills, and hopes to pursue a career as a Nature Observer once human beings find their proper place in the web of life; someday.  Until then he’s happy working with ECOSF to cooperatively build community resiliency and like the Lorax said, “…speak for the trees”.